Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Ten Years of Fourths

And just like that, we've been taking these photos for a decade. Wow.  Happy Independence Day!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt (my brother) is serving a mission for our Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  For the past 60 weeks, every prayer offered by Calvin has included requests for help for "Uncle Matt in Argentina."  Recently, Clark has learned to add this tag in as well.  They look forward to getting emails on Mondays and love to see the pictures and hear the stories.  I've kept a blog for him (found here) where we can go back and peruse as well.

My boys were particularly excited to hear Uncle Matt had a birthday this past week.  They made their own signs for him (Calvin was even brave enough to write in marker! And Clark only colored his face once!) to take a picture and send him.  There were too many good shots to send just one, so we sent a few.  These were sent along with an email asking a few questions.  The were so excited to hear that he had in fact eaten birthday cupcakes.  And, they secured a promise from him that he'd visit and make his favorite Argentine food--asada.  I'm posting this here to hold him to the promise because I'm very excited about it, too!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Discovery Place Kids

One of our very favorite "adventures" is Discovery Place Kids.  With both boys old enough to play, our membership has been well worth it many times over!  After a particularly stressful past week, I decided we need to get there for some fun on Friday morning.  We arrived just in time for the puppet show which (for once) both boys loved!

We spent a couple hours there playing at nearly every exhibit.  Clark thought the oven was a dishwasher and had lots of fun loading and unloading it.

Calvin was pretty excited by the new bells in the music area.  He also really enjoyed the veterinarian's office for the first time after learning about them recently.

Clark found the floam and was fascinated by it.  And, he didn't try to eat any of it either!

Calvin joined us and played for a while as well.

While both of our boys are somewhat of "butterfly children," they thankfully were largely in agreement about what and where to play this whole trip and took turns following each other around.  And, they love to play together lately, so that made it easier, too.

Of course, we finished with Clark at the water area because he loves to get soaked and needs a change of clothes before heading out every time.  But, he really, really loves it!

And, the water is conveniently adjacent to the giant train table.  Our little engineer looks forward to finishing his visit there every time!

Monday, February 15, 2016

And here we are...

The days became weeks, the weeks became months, and now the months have become years.  We are staring down the end of Devin's residency, and I've barely blogged about it.  Mostly, our days were so routine that there was not always a lot to say.  Keeping private blogs for each of the boys (let me know if you want it on those!) took up most of the interesting moments, too.  One day, though, I imagine I'll want to look back and remember that for three years straight we went to story time every Tuesday.  We did play group on Thursdays, errands on Mondays and Wednesday, and we usually stayed home on Fridays.  Each boy got three books before nap and bed, and breakfast was muffins every day for months straight.  Devin worked 80 hours a week but almost always made it home by bath time--even if it meant he went back to writing notes as soon as it was done.

But, all of that is going to be changing in big ways in the coming months.  We are working to sell the only home Calvin and Clark have ever really known and planning our trip to look at new houses in Georgia for next month!  Then, there will be the actual move.  We'll leave behind our friends, our backyard, our library (yes, it really is ours), and our parks.  The grocery store won't miss us, but we will miss the people who knew us and talked to us every week.  Of course there will be a new library, and there will be amazing parks.  But, Calvin won't have conversations with the librarians like the old friends they are...at least not for a couple years until they are old friends.  The park will be a place for meeting up with new friends, too, instead of the friends my boys have learned and grown with for so long.

All of this is really to say, though, that I'm really wanting to get back to keeping up this little corner of the internet.  The days may be long, but the years are short.  I don't want to let them get away.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nine Months of Clarky Pants

Oh my goodness this has been fast!  I have tried so hard to savor every moment of Clark's infancy, but he is definitely racing hard and fast toward toddlerhood these days.

Making it even worse: we marked nine months with yet another haircut (I've lost count as to how many he has had), and I feel it aged him SO much!

It's adorable, but I'm not sure I was really ready for this change.  All his previous cuts had been because the top was too long, but this one was because the sides and back needed it.  

He is turning into such a big kid in so may other ways, too.  He LOVES to eat!  His very favorites are meats and cheese.  Veggies and grains come next with fruits at the end.  We definitely haven't noticed a sweet tooth in him. 

He does, however, have six real teeth.  The sixth one came in the day he hit 9 months.  He'd been sporting just five teeth for a couple weeks beforehand in a cute, goofy grin.

Clark is falling in love with books these days, too.  His very favorite book is a finger puppet one about a polar bear.  He also loves Peek a Who and a couple Sandra Boynton Books.

 Clark has the amazing ability to smile and be happy almost no matter what is going on.  He can be sleepy and hungry away from home and still be smiling.  Occasionally, we have to add in a little extra time being held just to make that all work, but it is so worth it.  Clark is such an easy going kid to be around and a joy to love.

Of course, Clark is off the growth charts for height and near the top for weight, so he is spending more time in the stroller and less in carriers as the weather warms up.  Most of the time, he thinks it is so exciting to be sitting up and seeing the world, and it can be a lot of fun just to watch him taking it all in.

Clark has hit an age where he would much rather be playing with anything of Calvin's over any of the baby toys.  The two of them can have quite a fun time dumping blocks and cars and animals and music toys all across the playroom together.  It also makes for ample opportunities to see Clark's little personality starting to shine through.

Those are some of the best moments for Clark.  He thinks that Calvin hung the moon and soaks up every bit of attention Calvin gives him.  Calvin loves having the audience, too, so more and more of their day is spent laughing and playing together.  Watching these two grow closer over the last nine months has been one of the very best parts of being a mother of two.

 We love you Clarky Pants and are so excited to watch you learn and grow!